Our Team

Siamack V. Grayli (CEO)
Sasan V. Grayli (CTO)
Andrea Giralt (CSO)
Gary Leach (Principle Scientific Adviser)
Jim Derbyshire (Principle Technology Adviser)
Dave Thomas (Principle Marketing Adviser)

IE-9 Technology Corp is a start-up company that is focused on developing a new technique to store information for security, authentication and advertising using nanotechnology and software. Our current pre-marketing product is the low-density Nano Optical Feature(NOF)-TAG that can encode, encrypt and store data using nano-optical diffractive structures alongside an algorithm implementable on a smart phone software platform that enables decoding, decryption and recognition of the data encoded in our security tags. Our development of a complete suit for nano-scale data encoding includes: 1-a quality-graded series of nano-optical security tags that encode and encrypt data (higher quality equates higher data storage capacity) 2-a series of specialized and quality graded writer devices that transfer the patterns of encoded data onto the storage medium 3-a software platform that governs the pre-processing, encoding, encryption, security and handling of the encoded data 4-a series of libraries that form the body of the encryption algorithm(s). Our mandate is an specialized high-tech corporation in nano-optics and data encoding solutions with an applied focus on security and high grade data preservation in Canadian global high-tech economy. Our founding team is comprised of the following individuals :

Board of Directors:

Siamack V. Grayli (MASc.), Chief Executive Officer :

Siamack is currently serving as the company’s chief executive officer where his role includes both the regulation of the company’s higher level business operations as well as evaluating, resolving and merging the technical concepts of the core technologies into the company’s media stream. His expertise and experience in the technology side is been complemented by his passion for technology commercialization and product development. He is an active researcher in semiconductor and MEMs devices and has been a proud member of the Simon Fraser University’s Venture Connection, a specialized network of successful entrepreneurs and academics that focuses on introducing young tech start-ups to the industrial partners internationally.

Siamack is an applied scientist trained in electronics and signal processing with a professional experience accumulated over the past 6 years in signal processing data transmission, image processing and microelectronics. He has been working as a research engineer in multi-national engineering teams in Germany and Canada. His most recent achievement(s) in the field has been co-invention of two provisional patents (2013, 2014) and a US patent (2016) in the field of data security and nano-optics alongside co-authoring a book chapter on energy harvesting and functional microsystems.

Sasan V. Grayli (MASc.), Chief Technology Officer :

Sasan is currently serving as the company’s chief technology officer where his deep understanding of the core technologies aligned with his inherent creativity drives company’s research and development into new frontiers. He is an active researcher in fields as diverse as material science, thin film deposition, optical simulation and analysis, quantum electronics, micro and nano-fabrication and has been a proud member of the Simon Fraser University’s Venture Connection, a specialized network of successful entrepreneurs and academics that focuses on introducing young tech start-ups to the industrial partners internationally.

Sasan is an applied scientist trained in nano-fabrication, engineering physics, optics and process engineering with a professional experience in high-precision, high aspect ratio nano-optical structures, optical design and various clean-room operations. Over the past 6 years Sasan has been implementing innovative methods to design optical systems and his most recent achievements in the field has been co-invention of 4 provisional patents a US patent (2016) in the field of data security and nano-optics, nano-structure design and fabrication, material science and quantum electronics alongside co-authoring a book chapter on energy harvesting and functional microsystems.

Andrea Giralt (MIM. MBA.), Chief Strategy Officer :

Andrea is currently serving as the company’s chief strategy officer. Andrea is a former executive with Hewlett Packard (HP Inc.) corporation where she headed the operations for consumer printing business with over $2 B USD in cost of sales. During her term at HP, Andrea has been instated in many executive roles including the membership of the executive staff, board of directors and the vintage chart teams. She and her team were responsible for manufacturing and supply chain strategy and operational performance as well as new product introduction. Additionally, as an executive at HP she directed teams that were responsible for business strategy, design outsourcing, design for supply chain and new product introduction management. In her career she holds an outstanding record of off-shore business operations management for HP that ranges from start-up phase all the way to projects with $5 B USD in volume spanning across countries such as Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore, China and Malaysia.

Andrea’s passion for technology and innovation combined with her A-level management experience has led her into mentorship roles for a number of tech start-ups. Ms. Giralt is a board member in prestigious and successful incubators such as Hera Labs, a mentor in residence at San Diego’s super tech hub EvoNexus and elite technology network, Connect, a member of selection committee at San Diego’s international industry partnership program MarketLink and serves as a guest lecturer at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). We recently have had the privilege of welcoming Ms. Giralt into our board of directors as the company’s new Chief Strategist.

Board of Advisers:

Jim Derbyshire (B.Sc. (Hons.)),Industrial Adviser :

Jim Derbyshire is a Serial Entrepreneur, CEO, Angel Investor, Mentor, Advisor and Consultant. Jim started as an engineer and moved through engineering management, management consultancy to the start up world for the last 18 years. He has been CEO at Symbionics (Cambridge, UK) and SiGe Semiconductor (Ottawa, Canada) and has co-founded or been actively involved with over ten start ups. Jim has experienced growing businesses in many business models, part time “student”, low capital “soft start”, Angel, Corporate and VC backed, raising over $100M of finance during his career. He has worked in multiple countries for large (ITT), medium (Racal, Decca, PA Consulting) and start up enterprises operating in Systems, Products, Components, Software and IP Licensing and Management and Technical Consulting Fields.

Dave Thomas (MBA) Marketing Advisor :

Dave Thomas is an executive, business consultant and advisor for a number of technology companies and manages the Rocket Builders ‘Market Readiness Program’. Recent positions and projects include; Equity Capital Program Evaluation in conjunction with UBC and a guest lecturer at New Ventures BC. He is also the General Manager of the Canadian Financing Forum, matching North American Corporate and VC investors with serious entrepreneurs looking to build world-class technology companies. Thomas has worked with a series of start-ups over the past decade and was a member of the management team for four venture backed tech companies.

Gary Leach (PhD) Technology Advisor :

Gary is an expert in advanced spectroscopy, photonics and nanoscale imaging and a leader in the development of new nonlinear optical techniques to probe surface structure and dynamics. His research is on the leading edge of surface and interface chemistry, the nonlinear optical properties of materials and the photonic and magnetic properties of layered and nanoscale materials. Dr. Leach received his undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Toronto and his graduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Toronto. He was Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada postdoctoral fellow at the University of Colorado, before joining the faculty at Simon Fraser University where he is an Associate Professor of Chemistry.