Complexity Meets Creativity


The branding tags benefit from precise color definition using tuned nano-optical features and firmware controlled lithographic procedures hence can maintain a certain range of similar wavelengths within the desired spectrum. The tags can be generated in complex forms which allows for the vendor/manufacturer to exemplify custom designed figures, images, monograms etc. These tags can be generated in areas as large 1 centimeter sqaure in order to enable a anti-counterfeiting/visual effect for the tag-bearing product.

Aside from providing a commercial competitive edge via unique product authentication, the branding technology enables security conscious organizations such military industry/avionics manufacturers to have means for distinctly and securely branding, tracking and signifying the mission critical technologies and devices to avoid catastrophic events due to both mis-handling and/or fraudulent mimicry.



Figure 3. Depiction of potential applications of IE-9 branding tags in securing consumer products and mission critical electronics. The tags featured in the images are actual prototypes.