High Technology Aspect

IE-9 has strong ties with 4D Labs at Simon Fraser University. The state of the art and cutting edge research tools used for testing, prototyping, implementation and initiation of new hypotheses in fields as diverse as solid state physics, material sciences, optics and nano-technology, are well at our disposal to maintain and develop our technology. Our projects have benefited from multiple facilities at 4D whereby the corporation has achieved two consecutive rounds of prototyping and have been awarded by manufacturing grants in time span of less than two quarters. Our young yet agile organization deems to expand its research and development horizons by constant and precise runs in the facility alongside preparation for market-product fit for each segment of our new technology.

Aside from 4D Labs, our company has been in close contact with agencies such as the national research council of Canada, and has benefited from grants such as the industrial research assistance program (IRAP) to achieve its manufacturing and prototyping milestones.

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